Thursday, September 14, 2006

Senator Collins rises to greatness

Today in the Senate my senator, Senator Collins stood up. She voted along with McCain, Graham and Warner to turn back the onslaught brought on by the thugs in the Bush Administration. Let me restate that. See by saying "the thugs in the BUsh Administration" I am implying that there are maybe some who are not thugs. But that would be wrong.

Anyway, Senator Collins is one of the moderate Republican. Like her colleague, my other senator Senator Snowe she has earned my ire on many occasions. I am firmly of the blelief that all Republicans at this point are merely enablers of a bunch of creeps - namely the Bush regime. They have done little to nothing - more approaching nothing than little - in moderately the deeply un-American bent of the rackteteers that call themselves the Bush administration.

Today my senator, took a courageous stand. I thank her - I called her office to tell her. THis is big because she not only stood up to what must have been serious busllshit to make her stand but in doing so she moved the alternate bill closer to respectability. No longer is it just 3 Republican presidential hopefuls and primadonnas who have gone wobbly themselves principles-wise more than once under the Bush regime.

No longer is it just Collin Powell trying to salve his conscience so that maybe he can find peace.

No longer is it just some JAGS who are willing to piss away their careers for a principled stand.

See in this America at this time all of that is noise.

Today with Senator Collins standing with Graham Warner and Mcain we see a bit of the ink on the Congressional rubber stamp fade. It is a battle no won yet but decidely closer.

I have always been a political junkie but I was never much of an activist. Still I am not but Abu Graib put me over the edge. I wrote my first letter to the editor and write still. This blog is because of Abu Graib.

George Bush this week is proving that Abu Graib was not an aberation. It was not a few bad apples. Like Guantanamo, like the un-Constitutional and illegal spying, George Bush is showing his true colors as a traitor to this nation and the Constitution he swore to uphold.

Today a senate committee greatly aided by Senator Collins decided to lead the way back from George Bush's criminality.

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