Friday, September 29, 2006

join 'em

On the campaign trail, Goerge Bush criticized his critics saying, "You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism." Of course George being George he neglected to include any mention of the quality of that fight. That is too much nuance I guess.

Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe George Bush has been right all along and it really is that simple. So ok let's do it. George has asked nothing of us as Americans to fight terrorism except to shop more. But I am as American as anyone and I want to do more. And I know you do too. So let's fight terrorism. Here's my plan.

See we make a bunch of mud pies. No, now don't get too excited we're going to throw them at Democrats. We're looking for real terrorists here. Like Osama Bin Laden. Well Maybe not the real Osama Bin Laden. We can't seem to find him and that's kind of sad but wait!

We have plenty of photgraphs and even videos. We can project pictures as big as, well, as big as it seems Osama really must be. What's that 100 feet tall? And maybe some of those jihadist fighters. You know the ones. Those guys that the Republican led Congress including my Senator Collins (Senator Snowe voted a courageous "not present" on the bill) decided that they should gut the Constitution and give George Bush the ability to torture any American he wanted. Yeah, Those guys.

So that's the plan. We get pictures of terroists and throw mud pies at them.

I know it doesn't sound like much but consider this: it is cheaper than what we are doing in Iraq and we won't be worsening the problem like the NIE that Bush refuses to release says he is doing in Iraq. And remember, the President Of The United States said it himself - and he is a WAR PRESIDENT and stuff - "You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism." so it would be at least as effective as George Bush's war policy.

And a whole lot smarter.

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