Saturday, September 23, 2006

hit my limit

George Bush has finally got to me. He has made completely disgusted by what he has done to my country. I always disliked the man - personally though from the distance of one who only has the impression that he allows to world to see via the press.

I always disliked his policies. His "Compassionate Conservatism" line struck me as bullshit the first time I heard it and he has done nothing but reinforce that impression.

He is an imbecile, a spoiled kid who has grown beyond legal immaturity but never attained maturity.

He is a jerk of the first order and in his position he has been a danger to the world. In his position with his willing executioners in the Republican Congress he has become a danger to the republic.

One day - should the fools in the Republican party stay in office past November - they will find out what life under George Bush is really like but then they will not be able to influence the outcome because they have pissed ther power away.

Having lived through the 60's of Johnson and Nixon, And this time I fell it is far more dangerous and it is dangerously wrong.

We are now or soon to become, given the Republican propensity for rubberstamping, a torturing nation. Not just de facto as we have been off and on but de jure. AND FOREVER.

What kind of scar will that leave on us? we are the willing executioners now. We let our own nation torture. We condone it and through condoning it, we will encourage torture.

Will one day in the future a Truth and Reconiliation commission deal with us with the same leniency that the post-apartheid South African version has dealt with its internal enemies?

At the moment I am feeling that we all should burn in hell because we let ASSHOLES like George Bush and Dick Cheney steal our country out from under us and we let their corrupt and venal cronies in the Republican party give away our Constitution and that we do not have the will, the sense, THE CITIZENSHIP to take it back.

We are detroying the great human experiment in self-government and we do not even care.

May God have mercy on our souls but truth be told we do not deserve it.

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