Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I do not understand my country

It the article we get not only that headline but also the first 5 paragraphs about how the shortage affects executions in these United States.

Then we get this quote:

'“I’ve been practicing for 25 years and have never seen anything like the frequency and variety of drugs that are in short supply,” said Dr. Alexander A. Hannenberg of Newton, Mass., the president of American Society of Anesthesiologists.'

Then we get 3 more paragraphs about the impact on executions

Then we get this graph:

'Several anesthesiologists, including Dr. Hannenberg, said they had not yet heard about medical procedures being delayed because of the shortages. But he said it was nearly universal that anesthesiologists were being forced to use less familiar medications that leave patients groggier and with a higher risk of nausea and headaches. 

“I have a huge concern,” said Dr. J. P. Abenstein, an associate professor of anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Rochester, Minn., “because we’re having to alter the anesthetics not for the needs of the patient but because of what’s available in the marketplace.”'

Y'know I can almost remember the time when pharmacology's primary focus (raison d'etre?) was  on alleviating illness.  But we have gotten ourselves to such a place as a nation that it is more newsworthy that the too-many-dozens of executions - and one state sponsored murder is too many - we perform each year are in jeopardy because of delay than the fact the stuff isn't available for the therapeutic purpose for which it was supposedly developed. 

A uniquely American Problem

Shortage of Widely Used Anesthetics Is Delaying Executions in Some States

I'm sure they will find a uniquely American solution.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So the Republicans along with last days on the public tit (directly class) Senator Lincoln and just to be an asshole Senator Pryor voted to filibuster a defense authorization bill. What do you hear? Crickets. That's what. You can tell because crickets don't lie.

Now imagine that a Republican Congress stuffs a defense bill with all kinds o shit. Tax cuts. Special favors for Blackwater. Easier torture rules. You know, the usual stuff.

Now just imagine that a Democratic minority filibusters and the filibuster is sustained. What do you think you would hear? Sat what? Can't hear the crickets now can you?

Saturday, September 04, 2010

post 2010

What happens.

Situation 1 : The Democrats lose the House and the Senate.
Situation 2: Dems lose House Keep Senate
Situation 3: Dems hold house lose senate - not gonna happen.
Situation 4: status quo - also highly unlikely

1) Hellacious 2 years. Maybe Rahm will get to use his alleged madskilz as a street fighter. He sure has shit ain't used them yet. Government shutdown. Fox will cheer on the right of course. But here is the bright side the press will have to chose. Obama possibly will be impeached - I tend to think most of the talk or in a Roe-V-Wade vein. The Republicans talk about it but never get around to it. But still the press finds there really are 2 count them 2 sides and they are distinct and you can no longer say "they both do it".

2 - articles of impeachment. Subpoena 1-2-3 ad adsurdum. At least this time the special prosecutor law lapsing is a good thing.

3 not gonna happen

4 - Don't know how this is possible but if it did happen, it would be a total "refutation" of the right.
Many Blue dogs would not survive - because they ain't no matter what and it would be even a smaller margin in the house and senate. But by any measure it would be a mandate.

Time to pour out the tea.