Monday, September 25, 2006

Arlen. Ain't he the funny one.

You gotta hand it to this bunch they really have their parts down. You have the sainted John McCain standing firmly against torture as a moral imperative - until he caves in and makes up stories about how - no really this will work.

And Senator JAG who is so concerned about his colleagues in the JAG he is willing to open the road to a future of serious trouble for military interogators charged with international crimes against humanity.

What I want to know is: Why are they so sure that whatever deal they might think they made with the Bush junta will mean anything?

Won't he just attach a signing statement to it saying that everything they thought they meant is the bullshit that it is?

What will St John of McCain do then? Weep bitter tears?

As for Arlen. He is making noises about Habeus Corpus again. That means we can expect him to come out strongly in favor of preserving Habeus Corpus until he caves in and decides it is sacrosanct unless George Bush decides it isn't. Arlen is a man who is slowly dying on the national stage and he still can't put his conscience in front of political expediency.

Please Arlen. Get this charade over with quickly. You are soiling yourself again. And the act has stopped being funny.

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