Monday, August 28, 2006

Karr flooey

The US gov't made the Americans evacuated from Lebanon sign waivers individually agreeing to assume the bill for air fare should the US gov't decide to charge them. (Golfing at St Andrews not included)

John Mark Karr gets a plane ticket out of an arrest as a child molester and a date with an Indonesian prison by claiming an involvement in the Benet murder in the US. Is this a get out of jail free card? Will we ship him back to Indonesia to face charges? Will we at least charge him air fare?

US media role in this stupidity? hook line and sinker. Did anyone in the US press ever even raise a question that maybe just maybe his let's say opportune claim was maybe suspect? Just because he was a known child porn fan, with an ex who had an alibi for him and a known obsession with the Benet murder case.

What suspicions about his veracity (and worthiness for even a newsnote) could there possibly be?

And I wonder why these Bozos in the news media give Bush and his RICO pals a pass wile they walk away with the Constitution and most of the wealth in this country. But then again why should I be mean to Bozos.

This - yet another instance of media vacuity - is too ridiculous to be sad and too important to be ridiculous and so ridiculous that it is funny so how can it be sad?

It's a wonder in this madness that more heads don't explode like so many summertime New York manholes.

Excuse me I must tighten my brain truss.

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