Saturday, August 05, 2006

a future maybe?

I dunno. The Cook report says that the RICO in action squad that runs this national government is through come November.

"Time is running out for Republicans. Unless something dramatic happens before Election Day, Democrats will take control of the House. And the chances that they’ll seize the Senate are rising toward 50-50."

We can dream. But I have a rule: never underestimate the ability of the Democratic Party to fuck it up.

We saw it in Gore's statesman-like cave-in in 2000. It was to save the Republic a crisis or some such bullshit. Like this country has never survived a crisis. And we have seen the bullshit that decision and the elevation of the boy-king has given us.

Then we saw the Kerry campaign. Always a lackluster overambitious politician, Kerry lost an election he should have won. Ohio? Yeah probably stolen. But still. The fact that it was that close shows how bad his campaign was run.

We see it even now in CT. Thank the ever loving God that maybe just maybe Joe will get creamed. I truly hope he finds solace and comfort in his future lobbying career. But my point is that even now the Democratic establishment is trying to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory by supporting the guy who can be counted on to stick his thumb in his colleagues eyes when they need it least. The guys he caucuses with no less.

Now I am at this point I suppose a fair weather Democrat. More exactly I have become a Democrat out of desperation.

I left my hereditary democratness in 72. McGovern lost Nixon won and the Democratic establishment stopped thinking.

They decided the very next day that their very ideals we wrong.

Rather than draw the conclusion that the power of incumbency beat them. And even later that the vicious shit that was Richard Nixon got his ass handed to him because there were still people that realized that ideals were worth fighting over, they internalized the meme that they were on the wrong side of the majority of the American people.

In a single thrust, they gave everything that the RICO wing of the Republican party needed to craft a generation of power. Kevin Phillips the reformed architect of the Southern Strategy has decided that his progeny are a bunch of assholes. I agree - may God burn him in hell. But the establishment Democrats have as much blame to shoulder.

So here I am. I really want a multi-party system in the this country. But now I would settle for merely two parties.

The first thing that must happen is that the Democratic party must be forced to become something other than Republican-lite.

And possibly - just even maybe - we will have CT next week to thank for making that happen.