Wednesday, May 31, 2006

neocons decide they got conned

Raw Story posts this article: Neo-cons question Bush’s democratisation strategy . Well ok. Bush ain' t really one of them. The fiscal conservatives are saying the same thing. And even the libertarian among that crowd are diasvowing their former belief that Bish was one of them.

My advice? Get over it. To all of you. He's your's. You bought him, you nourished him and like the old fable goes - you knew he was a snake when you took him in.

Cheney perhaps the biggest fool - could he be even stupider than the Stupidest Man On the Planed (tm) Doug Feith? The veep has a strong claim. He thought he could step into the office and direct his Bushiness into being the stellar Urinary Executive that Cheney dreamed of. Unfortunately he (Cheney) hitched his wagon to Bush - a proven failure. Bush is after all a man who is the nothing but the sum of his family's connections - the evolutionary dead-end that all dynasties throughout history have eventually spawned. Whether it be a cruel and megalomaniacal Nero or an idiot Bush eventually comes up DOA.

Cheney knew it but he thought he could control it. Maybe it was too many years a successfully covering up the tracks of Halliburton's questionable business deals made the veep a little cocky. Once in the cocky-drome that is the Bush white house it is no wonder that Cheney maybe over-reached.

But anyway. To all you guys neo's, paleo, randian - conservative, like I said, you bought the Bush man, you own him. Just be thankful that we aren't enforcing the Pottery Barn policy on you. No need to offer - we will clean up after you.

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