Friday, May 26, 2006

Gee George shows vulnerability

Big deal. I wish I could believe him when he says that he learned that he should talk "more sophisticated" and that caused a problem in some parts of the world.

Forgive me but this is a guy that has been in public life for what 20 years? He just learned the lesson that saying stupid shit isn't a good idea?

Please. His sincerity is as thin as the veneer of competence he has shown in his dogged pursuit of becoming the Worst President Ever.

I wish the man would just go away, His disability (I don't mean that in a bad way of course) with the English language that he so desires aliens that unlike his himship are uneducated at the best American schools to speak fluently has never been cute or machismo or endearing in its humitlity to me.

This man holds Yale and Harvard degrees for Christ's sakes. Didn't one of his Harvard MBA case studies teach him that "you shouldn't say stupid shit"?

No. All this is calculated BULLSHIT. That is a word that even simple George could understand.

He speaks it and he is it.

God I will be glad when this guy can go full time to build his LIE-brary.

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