Tuesday, May 16, 2006

giving due where it is due.

You have to give the Bush Administration points for racing from concept to implementation in record time. I mean it was what 90 days after the 9/11 attacks that we had the Patriot Act. And now 5 years later we find that the government is using "oversight-free' National Security Letters to spy on journalists who I guess, despite all available evidence, are considered enemies of the Bush crew.

I mean just think. The RICO act that other disaster of Congressional deliberation was around for many years - I'm too lazy to look it up but it's gotta be more than 5 - before some bright light had the idea to use it against the anti-choice protesters. There were probably other expansions of the the act's provisions (I seem to recall F. Lee Bailey being at least threatened with impounding his helicopter under RICO provisions but I like I said I'm lazy and I may be hallucinating. But you get my point).

Bush who cannot do anything useful has moved with astonishing speed to tatter the fabric that holds this nation together.

THe worst part for me is that it isn't really for ideaological reasons. I mean I really believe he doesn't want to be dictator for life. What he is is lazy (yes like me but I'm not president) and even more than me a world class short cut artist. He has of course had great opportunity to hone his craft(iness).

I mean here he is the Paris Hilton of the clique of political robber barons: the Bushes, the Kennedy's, the Gores, and whoever else. He got to the "best educaiton" meaning attending best-connected schools even managing to get a graduate degree a Harvard MBA no less - forever devaluing the worth of that particular bit of sheepskin. Good thing Harvard has a few billion in the bank, it will take a generation for them to regain their street cred.

Anyway like I said, he's Paris Hilton - getting laid and doing whatever else high livers do to their livers. Then because breeding shows he buys his way into office. And so finally here is my point. All he sees himself doing is fucking with people. Tossing his weight around just because he can.

He doesn't give a royal shit that the damage he has done and is doing to this nation will be precedent for the next megalomaniac. (Yes I believe W is a megalomaniac but of so little ambition that he is not dynasty material.)

So when the next power pusher decides that there are enemies of the state (as arbitrarily defined as W defines them) the next step up is already half-laid. So we get from enactment to abuse of the Patriot Act in near internet time.

Say what you want about W and what his disaster of a presidency has done already to this republic but he managed to get the tools for its final destruction in fine order in near record time.

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