Monday, September 24, 2007

What a dope

What deserves congressional attention?

Well, none other than the Move On scandal of course. Like Terry Schiavo I guess.

Here is GOP Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia. He sent a letter to Oversight Committee chair Henry Waxman demanding a probe into the "scandal."

It is time for The New York Times to answer publicly, on the record, and under oath for its conduct," Davis writes. "You have repeatedly challenged the public statements of administration and private industry officials and sought testimony under oath. It is time for you to give equal treatment to The New York Times.

He of course neglected to mention the times that Attorney General, and various other military and executive employees weren't sworn in. I guess because they are of the better sort. You can tell him

he's a dope - in a nice way of course - here
Tom Davis, you are a dope

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