Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dear Harry Reid

Below is text of email to the Senator:

I've been thinking about the stupid censure of Move ON that you and your leadership team allowed the Republicans to pull. And I think turn about is fair play.

Here is a link from a blog -

It's ok it won't hurt you. You can click on it and read it and everything.

It's from Digby's blog Hullabaloo. In this post she lists a number of times when the right played the Obama/Osama name game.

Now this is just a small selection of things that if it had been aimed at a Republican would have made you allow a censure motion to show the dastardly culprit.

But instead you can use these as a starting point. Here's the idea: each day offer a censure motion to be you know just to be fair and balanced.

With a little thought you could add to the list I am sure. Pull some Swift Boat quotes and slurs aimed at Max Cleland - shucks just read Ann Coulter for a week and you would have a mother load (no pun intended).

That way you can cave to the Republicans and avoid making them actually have to filibuster whenever they threaten to and you with each (update: edited because the actual note had gibberish here) vote you lose you will still carry a message more potent than whatever pointless Iraq resolution you come up with to please Republican Moderates (ha-ha-ha) to plead with President Bush to please like uphold his oath to the Constitution.

Just trying to be helpful here,

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