Monday, September 10, 2007

Can you thread the needle?

Atrios says If I were a Democrat running for president I wouldn't be looking forward to inheriting this mess and would be working to end it sooner, not later.

I suppose a good point in the abstract but even Nixon running against Johnson couldn't do a frontal assault against the Viet Nam War. And he went to China for chissake!

Nixon ran with a secret plan to end the war. Of course that plan was a fiction but ending the war was everyone's goal. He stipulated "Peace with honor" never defining peace or honor as I recall.

Gene McCarthy (in the primary) and then later McGovern said they would just get out more-or-less and they got creamed - Gene taken out by soon-to-be-dead-Bobby and Humphrey. McGovern taken out by a straight up election of the enlightened electorate.

How does anyone expect a politician to not learn a serious lesson from that. No matter how stupid the war is. No matter how dishonest and corrupt the motivations or machinations that created the war - once in you can't just say we need to get out. That makes you a peacenik - and then you are fucked.

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