Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what happens the day after Bush attacks Iran?

George Bush is going to take us to war again. This time in Iran. Do I know for certain? No. But I am certain enough to enter an office pool on naming the date and time for it too start.

The real question is not "if" George Bush will once again make himself an international war criminal and make the American people complicit in his crimes. No, the question is what will we the American People do about it. I don't mean what will we do to stop him. We can't. As in Iraq, George Bush wants a war and George Bush will have his war. Call it GW II.

I mean what will the American people do the after it starts. With wall-to-wall coverage of an air war full of flash and fire (fka shock and awe) on CNN and FOX. With the usual band of coconspirators talking about how important it is to attack Iran. With the whole GW War Noise Machine in full throat, what will we do? Will we be awed ourselves like we were at the start of the Iraq debacle? Will we be cowed by the calls to stand behind our President in a "Time of War"(tm).

Will we take to the streets in free speech zones?

I don't know the answer. As sure I am that George Bush is going to attack Iran and I do think it is more than possible (bordering likely) that he will use tactical nukes to do it, I have no idea what the reaction of the American People will be.

As George Bush himself once said, "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice - won't get fooled again." We must wait for after the bombs start falling on Iran before we know if he was/is speaking for the American People.

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