Saturday, April 29, 2006

high times and misdemeanors

I do wonder where this mess of an administration will end up. So far it is a toss-up between whether Bush's will go down as more corrupt than Grant's or Harding's. Either way he is in rarified company corruption-wise.

It is really amazing to watch a misadministration implode. I watched Johnson's die its slow death. I watched as Nixon got tangled in the noose that he tried to lynch the Constitution with - and thanks to a Congress that really took its oath of office seriously - he got strangled himself.

It is a cliche I know but it is like watching a slow-mo train wreck. And every day brings a new more bizarre twist to this plot.

The latest is centered at the Watergate (I guess we have to draw up a topology. This would just be one more local minimum) and at last this cess-pool of an administration (for a second time after having required a -gate after every scandalous whiff we have a -gate that really is a watergate -gate.) now finally includes SEX. At long last the extended Bush administration has a SEX SCANDAL. Of course it is too little too late for Boy George. I expect with his polls in 30's (soon to be 20's?), about now he is wishing someone liked him enough to give him a blowjob.

It is like this GOP in its "Republican-error" of one party government is determined to taste every mode of corruption available to the human psyche. I wouldn't be suprised if a Republican congressman was found eating roasted human flesh at a rest stop in suburban MD. OK I would be suprised but not in the "Oh my God how could anyone..." sense.

But in a way, it is kinda heartening this watergate/callgirl/cuban contraband cigar/whatever scandal.

And we owe it to the Dukestir. While the President and his mob actively piss on the Constitution and Hastert, Delay, Frist, and Roberts all do pee-pee on the Constitution at his behest we get Cunningham and the CIA overseers all getting laid and bribed apparently out of simple greed. It is almost quaint and quite like a breath of fresh (incredibly stinkie but fresh) air.

So thank you Duke and all the others soon to be implicated (present and former Congressmen included) in this latest aspect of the Bush rot for restoring my faith in the ability of Washington to do just good old fashioned corruption.

To you all a toast.

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