Monday, April 03, 2006

tom delay goes on the lam

He's out. He wants to spend more time away from Ronnie Earle, I guess. Naturally he is cloaking his slime in his normal smarmy sleeze (do you get the idea that my respect for the man knows limits?). He is leaving Texas to move to his residence in Va so he can vacate his candidacy and give the next Texas Republican felon-to-be a chance.

You can tell how much shit he thinks he's in. He's moving from his place on a gold course. And you know he loves him some golf by-jeebus. I guess it ain't the same without jack coming anymore by to pick up the drink tab. Ah those were the days, eh Tommie boy. But wipe your eye. You still got Jesus and besides, they're closing in, it's time to flee.

So long Tom, you gave us hours of fun and excitement, But I gotta tell you, America will be better off without you, Texas will be better off without you and soon enough Allentown will be better with you,

Ciao, Babe. Don't let the bed bugs bite,

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