Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's spring. Time to clear the brush?

Yeah well, Bush is cleaning house... Andy Card is gone and George has a new appointment czar in Bolten who is as has been noted an insider.

Now Mouthpiece McClellan is gone - Bush is obviously soul searching. Rove has been "demoted". When Rasputin was demoted it took cyanide, several bullets and a club (here).

But Karl isn't being left to the tender mercies of his own numerous enemies. Instead this so-called demotion is 1) a chance for him to work on defending himself against the ample evidence that he is a traitor, like Veep's aide Libby, to his country and 2) a chance to work whatever mojo he has left in salvaging the rapidly collapsing Generation of the Republican Majority(tm).

But all that begs the question: how would we know when the Bush housecleaning is a real Spring cleaning and not just re-arranging the deck chairs to get a better look at the icebergs?

Well in short, if someone has to be confirmed - my bet - it ain't gonna happen.

I mean what candidate could go before Congress - even this rubber stamp bunch of racketeers (when does RICO kick in?) that might otherwise be laughingly called the Republican Leadership - and not get hosed by the sins of his/her predecessor?

SecDef? Obviously not. It would be wall-to-wall Iraq fuckup for weeks.

Interior - Say, Norton leaves. The question? How do you intend to reclaim the department from being the wholly owned subsidiary of Jack inc?

Treasury? Um can you spell "trillions in debt"?

Homeland Security - a department that should have never seen the light of day. Will you promise not to sell the ports to terrorist financiers? What happens if it rains in the south again? Wiretaps anyone?

You get my point. Any office that requires Bush to have his nominee confirmed by the Senate would be an invitation to (further) disaster to the fool-in-chief.

I mean even at this point should the entire Supreme Court succumb to the plague (even one not instigated by Ann Coulter), Bush would be very hard pressed to get a quorum seated.

So what is poor Boy George to do?

The beauty of nationhood is that we are all in this together.

At this writing there are 1006 days left in the misadministration.

The downside of nationhood is that for the next 1006 days we are all in this together.

The entire Kennedy era lasted that long.

So don't count on any real change. Any change for George at this point is bad change. At worse it would open the seepage to impeachment (note: not floodgate - it is the Republican rubber stamp after all) that even Karl with all his new found free time - let alone George - couldn't control.

Even if the Democrats win big in November expect a very slow death of a thousand cuts for this disastrous epoch in out national life. It will take a new dem majority a long time to overcome its battered spouse syndrome. At best they will tie Bush in knots. At worse that will cause Bush to go off the deep end and do something - I was going to say "stupid" but he has already raised the bar too high for my feeble imagination - so fill in the blank.

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