Friday, January 13, 2006

juat another good day to go shopping

Am I despondent? No. Not quite. Am I distressed over what is going on? I guess that answers itself.

I look out over what our nation could be and what our nation has become and I am distressed.

Where did all those people come from who would sacrifice their very freedoms for the blatherings of politicians?

What is it that has made our Constitution so superfluous and apparently expendable that people at every turn are willing to give it up. That is even despite the fact that the very fabric of what they enjoy in life is made possible because of that same Constitution.

We shall soon have yet another judge on Supreme Court who believes that George Bush is a quasi-King. That makes six. It took five to get W there to begin with in 2000. No that plus Alito will (I was going to say can but no it is “will”) sanction the executive depriving Habeus Corpus. Whenever he fucking wants to. It will sanction his ability to play commander in chief of the universe to torture anyone he wants, to eavesdrop on anyone he pleases. It will let him do this without requiring him to tell you that you are even a target.

Where the fuck did America go? It seems like just yesterday we were debating the nature of expanding civil rights–of realizing the potential of minorities as first class American citizens. Now in 2006 we are debating our BASIC RIGHTS AS UNITED STATES CITIZENS.

And no on cares. Your Congress certainly doesn’t care. Your President is the problem. Your Judiciary is – starting from the top – more and more in the bag to the corruption that IS GEORGE BUSH.

We as a people, as a nation, as a beacon to the world, are well and truly fucked.

So the right wing wins – America loses. And we can all go shopping.

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