Saturday, January 07, 2006

The birds - the sequel

Maybe it is just the nature of tipping points.

I was close to despair thinking whether our nation could fix itself. The headlong rush into lawlessness that is Generalissimo George’s administration, his incompetence (by any measure it is almost breathtaking), his stupid, demeaning (for the United States) swagger that signals to the world that we are a paper tiger.

The abuse is rampant. The enablers in the media are relentless. The Generalissimo’s willing executioners in Congress seem in complete charge.

Then almost at a stroke, the chickens come home to roost. It is funny that it should be chickens that would be the epitome of retributive justice for an administration of swaggering bullies. But God works in mysterious ways. It created evolution after all. But I have to say this is starting to look like a chicken remake of The Birds as envisioned by Mel Brooks.

The Generalissimo’s regime got its first um, splatter when D.A. Ronnie Earle in Texas indicted Tom Delay for Delay’s successful money laundering scheme to fund the gerrymandering of the Texas legislature.

The next splat came when it was discovered that Jack Abramoff had the bad sense to get involved with business associates who might place the people they disagree with in the trunk of a car with a bullet to the head at the same time he was running a slush fund for Republican officeholders and committing fraud (The last is what he pled guilty to. The other two are under investigation–Abramoff has agreed to cooperate). If one wonders what government employees do all the time, for a good long time a flock of them are going to be investigating the House that Jack bought.

In between that we have the Chief of staff to the Vice President being indicted for obstruction of justice in a national security case that may also involve Karl Rove and possibly the big bird–Dick Cheney–himself.

And if that isn’t enough, we have the Generalissimo. Admitting to breaking the law to spy on Americans. Pretending that he can dictate the meaning of the law with his Crayola signing statements. And as always raising the bloody flag of 9/11 to keep his minions in line.

Iraq…2 to 3 trillion dollars. The Generalissimo impeached…priceless.

In the face of disasters spawned by his naming incompetent cronies to positions of authority (Iraq, Katrina, the Sago mine disaster) who do not care to do the job as it was intended to be done but rather to do it according to their peculiar ideological brain fever, the Generalissimo signs a slew of recess appointments that do nothing but keep the tradition of incompetence alive.

Even now, I can almost feel the push back as the chicken little Republican majority in Congress decides that if they want to keep their jobs they have to pretend to fly right and even stand up to the lame duck Generalissimo (I know that is a lot of metaphors to take in at one time).

So I am not happy as a lark but I am guardedly hopeful. I am hopeful that the Generalissimo and his willing executioners will finally feel the weight of the Laws of the United States upon their backs. Now I know that justice is never really done at the upper echelons of power. And until the Generalissimo is impeached he can pardon anyone he wants - just like dear old dad.

But little by little as each chicken comes to its nest (and there will be more) another obstacle blocks the Generalissimo’s plan to turn the Constitution into his personal birdcage liner.

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