Thursday, January 05, 2006

Generalissimo George Bush

Generalissimo George Bush has just made recess appointments for nearly 20 appointees to various positions in his administration. That is within his power to do as a technicality in the law. In fact Generalissimo George Bush is using it to once again circumvent the Constitutional command that the Senate “advise and consent” to these positions. Like the John Bolton elevation to the Ambassador to the U.N., I can understand that Generalissimo George Bush would be piqued that his anointed candidate would be held up by something as trivial as the United States Constitution. After all he is the Commander in Chief of everything and stuff so he can do whatever he wants. Even Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito has said so. So hey, it has to be right.

What I notice though is that some of these appointments were never placed before the Senate for confirmation. Well they must be pretty important to require the unusual prerogative of a recess appointment. Right?

So important in fact that they cannot wait for Constitutionally proscribed procedure, which would begin when Congress reconvenes in February. (stop me if this rush sounds like the unconstitutional FISA violating wiretaps). Let’s see.

We have two people appointed to the FEC. That is the Federal Election Commission. Very important in this time of war. Can’t wait there for proper advice and consent.

Then there are those who have had issues raised on their appointment. One is the Assistant Secretary of State of Refugees, population, and migration. There were actual senators that had questions about her credentials for the job. Can’t wait to resolve that.

Not least is the appointment to the Homeland Security Department's office of state and local preparedness that even Joe Lieberman had reservations about. You’re doing a heckuva job Joey- but hey I am the Generalissimo around here.

Are recess appointments in the President’s power? Yes. Is judicious (and relatively rare) use both a tradition and a requisite for using that power? Yes. Does Generalissimo George Bush believe in anything that our Constitution stands for? In my most humble opinion the answer is no.

In 2002, Bush said, “There’s nothing wrong with a dictatorship, as long as I am the dictator."At least for once Generalissimo George Bush has told the truth. In 2006, Generalissimo George Bush appears to be aiming to prove it.

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