Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 - new year prediction?

Put on your tinfoil hats kids. Or make new ones if you have already worn out the old one 5 years into the creeping coup that is the Bush administration. Now I am not claiming that George Bush is attempting a coup against the Constitutional government that is the United States. No. We all know that he is not almost anything enough to be able to pull that off. But Cheney is.

Here’s the deal. Cheney was named by Bush to find a VP when candidate Bush was heading to the Republican nomination in 2000. Cheney looks across the length and breadth of this great continental nation and lo he finds the one person, the best person, the person uniquely capable of being Vice President in a George W Bush administration–Dick Cheney.

Actually what Cheney found was George Bush the tool. George Bush is the perfect potemkin president. He lacks curiosity. He lacks intellectual capacity and more importantly he lacks interest in developing his capacity. He is a spoiled, brash scion of privilege and wealth that throws tantrums and swaggers and is a bully. In short a good straw-leader.

So, Cheney becomes the shadow president. Not so much to rule behind the scene but to effect the erosion of Constitutional government. I won’t venture that Cheney had something to do with 9/11. For that one would need a cap made of stronger stuff than tinfoil but he did take ample advantage of that singular event.

Suddenly throughout government very extreme ideas become mainstream. Justice officials determine that torture is ok. U.N. rules against it are outdated. They determine that the president can do whatever the fuck he wants. Oversight by the Congress is a burden and an abridgement of executive prerogative. War making power rests in the hands of something that the executive branch calls the Commander-in-Chief, a position with powers that to normal Americans appears to be something very different from what we understand that position to entail.

The media over time is inured to the breach each time because the creeping coupists have hitched themselves to a very successful political machine in the national Republican party. This isn’t to say that the RNC is a co-conspirator in this creeping coup. Instead the Republican party instead is merely a willing executioner. I mean how much really did George Bush have to do with the Republican party? He was a behind the scenes guy for his dad’s campaign. Texas state politics is really an ecosystem unto itself and being governor of Texas is like being manager of a very large Burger King–all the real decisions are made somewhere else. The RNC can be nothing other than an instrument of convenience in this plot.

So what comes next? George Bush should watch his health. Does that sound extreme? Maybe but consider this: George Bush has an accident (he has had several wounding injuries including choking on a pretzel in his own home in the last five years). The usual suspects are rounded up, meaning everyone the NSA has tapped. And of course it is a national emergency so everything–not just what remains of habeus corpus-but everything gets suspended. We already see that according to the president’s “consent decree” when he signed the McCain amendment that he could ignore it (and consequently any law he wishes to circumvent) at his will. So what is to stop the next president–the newly sworn in President Cheney from just carrying on. You know, to protect the American People.

So there it is. I am not claiming that this is in fact what is happening. I have no idea. But there are a lot of dots and when you connect them just right… well I’m just saying.

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Eric in Ottawa said...

This is not mere conspiracy theory.

It is looking more and more PROBABLE that this is exactly what's going on.

What I would like to see is every blogger designate ONE ignorant American as designated target for Project Awakening.

Go. Make it so. Now.