Saturday, September 04, 2010

post 2010

What happens.

Situation 1 : The Democrats lose the House and the Senate.
Situation 2: Dems lose House Keep Senate
Situation 3: Dems hold house lose senate - not gonna happen.
Situation 4: status quo - also highly unlikely

1) Hellacious 2 years. Maybe Rahm will get to use his alleged madskilz as a street fighter. He sure has shit ain't used them yet. Government shutdown. Fox will cheer on the right of course. But here is the bright side the press will have to chose. Obama possibly will be impeached - I tend to think most of the talk or in a Roe-V-Wade vein. The Republicans talk about it but never get around to it. But still the press finds there really are 2 count them 2 sides and they are distinct and you can no longer say "they both do it".

2 - articles of impeachment. Subpoena 1-2-3 ad adsurdum. At least this time the special prosecutor law lapsing is a good thing.

3 not gonna happen

4 - Don't know how this is possible but if it did happen, it would be a total "refutation" of the right.
Many Blue dogs would not survive - because they ain't no matter what and it would be even a smaller margin in the house and senate. But by any measure it would be a mandate.

Time to pour out the tea.

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