Thursday, October 19, 2006


According to Laura Rozen Rumsfeld is bailing after the elections.

This is the mark of a true coward. When faced with the likelihood that he is going to grilled by Congress - something he has 1) had to do rarely and 2) under the most shall we say congenial circumstances - he decides that it is time to spend more time with the family.

Of course a REAL Congress doing REAL oversight and pursuing REAL investigations will have a subpoena. Just the ticket to drag his sorry retired ass under the klieg lights to get his patented bromides.

I... can't...wait. Next summer will be fun.

Of course in the real world it means that he leaves it someone in the waning days of The Bush Disasteration - someone no doubt approved in the most bitter of circumstances - to try to clean up the dogshit he has made of our defense policy.

Good old Rummy... just like a coward.

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