Wednesday, June 28, 2006

GOP Congress says: Not OK to burn flag but OK to piss on Constitution

Via crooks and liars the Cafferty file:

Cafferty says here that Bush has issued 750 signing statements to express reservations on 150 laws. Don't know how the math works but the intent is clear. Of course this isn't news. The fact that it isn't news isn't news either. And that should be news.

The sad excuse for a Congress that we now enjoy just defeated a flag burning amendnment though by one vote. Bill First the Panderer in Chief of the Senate is intent on bringing up every red-meat issue he can find to get that approximately one-third of the voters that will still admit to supporting the bozos that we know as the national GOP. So of course flag burning is on the top of the pile (so to speak). The fact that flag burning is not a problem and the fact that any serious anti-desecration law would mean exposing every corporation from Walmart to your local car dealer to a lawsuit any time they smeared the flag on an ad doesn't seem to have occured to these clowns.

But while the flag isn't in danger of getting burned anytime soon, Rome is burning. Thanks to George Bush Dick Cheney and the collective his signing statements. Now signing statements have no weight in law. They do not convey to the Executive any right whatsoever to circumvene the law. And yet Bush is doing it over and over again. How is this possible?

Thanks to your elected representatives (I use that term becasue that is what they are called even though what they are doing represents from a minority to close ot zero of the electorate).

So there you go. The Constitution isn't being defeated. The Constituion isn't being stolen. The Constituion - that is, your rights as an American - is being given away.

It is being given away by Bill Frist who would rather talk about flag burning than about the Bill of Rights. It is being given away by Senator R0berts in the intelligence commitee who would rather do nothing that do anything like meaningful oversight over the egregious practices of our Stalinist Executive. It is being given away By Senator Specter who would rather make great noises about what he is going to do before he throws in the towel without doing any of it.

My friends, I give you, your Congress at work.

Should you be going to Washington DC in the near future be sure to get photos of the Constitution while you are there. You will certainly want something to remember it by.

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