Saturday, February 25, 2006

George Bush - failure in chief

Iraq is falling into the abyss that so many of those his machine has called traitors and un-American and terrorist coddlers said that it would. And whether their reasons were absolutist anti-war or pragmatic geo-political or straight ahead anti-Bush they are being proven right in their dissidence with each disaster.

And seemingly each day more and more of his architects ( here ) and willing executioners ( here ) are bailing out of the Bush disaster.

In a single week we have seen it once again and in its starkest turn to date. The bombing of the most sacred Shiite site in Iraq is a turning point for Iraq. The selling off of the (evidently 21 instead of the oft mentioned 6) ports in the United States to the UAE is just such a turning point in the United States.

It is a funny thing about history. There is no equivalence among various causes to their respective effects. Rome may fall and wipe out enlightened civilization for 1500 years and a butterfly may cause a hurricane. As Kurt Vonnegut famously said: "So it goes."

As dissimilar as those two events are coming as they do at this time in the Bush mal-administration indicates once more the failure that this man is capable of.

And so goes the Bush Administration. We are at last seeing the meltdown of yet another W failed-enterprise. Sadly the damage that he is doing to this nation that we love and the Constitution that we cherish-just as he has damaged Iraq-will take years to recover from.

Iraq may never again be a nation after what George Bush has done to it. America may never again be the nation it has always prided itself in being after George Bush.

For Iraq, my angst is a humanitarian one. The destruction of a society, albeit a dictatorship, condemning it to generations of civil war will cause a personal calamity for millions of people. People like us that are just trying to live their lives.

George Bush in his misguided and ultimately criminal acts has destroyed that. He thought that he could remove Saddam with a wave of the hand and everything would be all right. Despite the fact that nearly all of the responsible estimates said that was not possible.

Saddam is and was an evil prick. But to make him a trophy for a president whose only real goal was to establish for himself a Lincolnian status is criminal.

For our own nation, George Bush's intent was to achieve his Lincolnian status by solving one of modern history's big problems. Any problem would do as long as it involved war. That it would be the middle-east , we can thank Osama.

In the end George Bush shows that he has a monomaniacal desire to be called "great." For whatever reason: Oedipal syndrome; spoiled child syndrome, we may not know in our lifetime.

That he has not the intellectual tools to do the work of greatness matters not to him. Attaining those tools is not a thing that he considers necessary. He thought and still thinks that just because he has the seat of power, he has the wisdom and ability to use that power.

To George Bush the Presidency is like fairy dust. He sprinkled a bit of great president fairly dust on himself and thought he could fly among the greatest leaders that this nation has produced.

It is through George Bush's personal failings, for which he himself is ultimately criminally responsible that the American people once again (like George Bush himself) learn that greatness doesn't come with the job. Greatness begins with what you bring to the job.

It is for the American people ourselves to finally come to terms with our own hubris in allowing such a criminal as George Bush free rein to plunder in our name.

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